Do You Know How to Protect Your Home with Insulation This Summer?Protect Your Home with Insulation

Living in Arizona means intense heat during the summer, and intense heat in the summer means high energy costs to keep your home cool. Insulation is a powerful heat-blocking tool that can help lower these energy costs by adding an extra boundary between the hot Arizona sun and your living space. Adding insulation to your attic is an affordable way to keep you more comfortable and lower your energy usage/bills.

Heat Gain

Before you can fully understand just how important insulation is, you first have to understand a process known as heat gain. On hot days, the intense heat doesn’t just stay outdoors; it eventually travels into your home by way of a process known as heat gain.

In simple terms, this gain represents the movement of thermal radiation into the interior spaces of a building. The more heat your home gains from the outside, the hotter the indoor temperature will be.

Insulation minimizes this heat transfer. As the warmed air radiates through the exterior surfaces of your home, the insulation absorbs and traps the heat, which ultimately keeps your home cooler.

Save Money

As much as 70% of a homes’ total energy cost goes towards heating and cooling. While you might not get much use out of your heat system, the area temperatures cause you to rely on your air unit for most of the year.

Did you know that in houses without proper insulation, energy costs can be as much as 40% higher than in homes with proper insulation? The savings might not seem significant on the surface, but when you consider the amount of money you will save over the years, it is well worth the investment. Moral of the story? Proper insulation can lower your energy bill.

The Arizona heat can be ruthless, but your energy costs don’t have to be. Take steps to stay comfortable and save, now. Speak to a professional at Mountain Peak Air to learn how to better protect your home with insulation.