Get FREE Ice Cream & Lower Your Energy Bill All Summer Long!

Dairy Queen Gift CardUpdating your insulation this summer will help you keep your home cooler, run your AC less often and for shorter periods throughout the day, but NOW – May 31st, it’ll also get you a $15 Gift Card to Dairy Queen!

R-38 is the recommended depth of insulation for homes fighting off our desert heat, R-38 is equal to 13″ – 14″ of blown-in insulation, which is perfect for our extreme summer temperatures! If you poke your head up inside your attic, you’ll probably see that the insulation fits nicely between your joists. If you’re lucky, If you can see the joists, (vertical 2×6 boards spaced out about every 16″, running from one side of your attic floor to the other) that means you’ve got 6″ of insulation at best! That means that you’re 8″ of insulation short of living comfortably this summer!

When we come out, we’ll make it possible for you to:

  1. Save $ on your energy bill
  2. Run your AC less often
  3. Prevent HVAC Wear and tear
Call today to schedule service or an energy audit.