Insulation in your home will lower your energy bills and maintain your home’s temperature.

Insulation is material used to reduce heat loss or heat gain by providing a barrier between the temperature of the inside of your home and the temperature outside. It also will help keep energy bills low by maintaining the temperature of your home without the A/C or furnace kicking on every so often.

insulationWhile there are quite a few options for different types of insulation, the most popular are “Blown-in” and “Foam”.

What is the difference between these two options?


  • Loose-fill insulation which is blown into the attic and walls with an electric blower.
  • Made with recycled paper products.
  • This is the best choice for existing, closed-up walls so there’s no need for ripping out siding or interior drywall to access wall cavities.


  • An air seal plastic material is sprayed on walls, roofs, and all contoured surfaces.
  • Made of two liquids (ISO and Resin) which are mixed together and reacts within seconds when sprayed, creating the foam.
  • Reduce the amount of dust, allergens, and pollutant entering your home.

These insulation options provide you a way to keep the temperature inside your home where you want it. Mountain Peak Air is a complete home comfort specialist in Arizona who specializes in installing insulation. Whether you feel blown-in or foam insulation is better for your home, Mountain Peak Air will get the job done.